What a shame, those thieves in my homeland

It’s really embarrassed to write down this post. But I still decided to write this.

First look at these pictures a few days ago. It was captures from news.sina.com.cn you still can find this Ad today(June 9th, 17:41 GTM+9:00), which is one of the most biggest portal site in China, SINA is like Yahoo! in USA for it is in China.

Look at the LPhone in the middle of the page.

Look at the LPhone Ad in the middle of the page. Please note, it is called LPhone.

Picture 3

Look at those icons!

The man in the picture is He Lin(何灵) He Jiong(何炅)Updated 2009-06-18, thanks to Xuan】, who is a host of an entertainment program of Hunan TV. Shame on you He Lin! You are a public people, be aware of your image!

Picture 4 

As I mentioned before, the name of the phone is LPhone, you know why? Because the lower-case “l” is just like “i” if you do not familiar with English letters, that most Chinese people do, it will be misinterpreted as iPhone.

But, Hey,

lPhone ≠ iPhone

Nowadays, in China, my homeland, nobody is encouraged to do innovation, because it’s high risk, strong technology background required, long return circle. So, people would love to do some “suicide” jobs like copy iPhone and named to LPhone, lPhone, whatever it is, that’s what the word C2C’s new meaning is, Copy 2 China. Because the requirement is there people just want to make some fast money, almost nobody is thinking about how to build a respectable company! Even some young people want to do it, there is no such environment in China! You do the innovation, you choose to kill yourself. What a SHAME!

Although, there are hi-tech campuses everywhere in the main cities of China, and there are many buildings named “Innovation Building”, but, that’s just the name. Innovation is dead in China, every business man knows that well!

If you see this post, please understand, I love my country and I’m still a Chinese. But how could a few people change the whole nation? Especially, some poor guy like me. All I can do is, expose these thieves, robbers and curse them!

Shame on you, SINA.com.cn, You have the power, you have the influence, you should take more responsibility on stopping such things. Not only for money!.

Shame on you, LPhone! I curse you!