I Like Google Code

Recently, I started a new open source project for practicing C++ and Windows Programming. I chose google to host my project. Now I think I made the right choice.

Google Code is great! Especially, it integrates a wiki-style document authoring tool. That is fantastic! I really like it. Before I started to use google code wiki page, I had tried to learn these syntaxes on Wikipedia.com, but I failed, I thought those mark up language was too difficult to remember. I was wrong. It’s not those mark-up’s fault, it’s wiki who did not provided a clear tutorial to new users. On the other hand, google dose provided an easy way to understand these mark-ups. That’s a short sample code within the edition box. That really helps!

I will try much more about wiki style from now on.

Audio Router


  • I started this open source project on Feb 04, 2010.


The main idea behind this project is simple. I have 4 computers in my home, and I have a desktop computer with a big screen, I also have a Mac book pro which connects the big screen as the second screen. So the big screen is near my MBP and have a distance to the body of the computer. My wife sits near to the box of my desktop computer, and the speaker connected to the desktop is also near to her. She doesn’t want to hear any noises when she is reading or concentrating on something. I can not  watch my movie or listen to my music which is on the desktop computer while my wife is sitting near by. So, I decided to create a software that can redirect the audio stream of the desktop to my MBP.


I’m choosing Apache License 2.0 as this project’s license.

Code Base

This project is hosted on Google Code. [Please visit here].