June 8th, is the iPhone Day!

Yesterday, technically, today, June 8th, is the iPhone Day! WWDC was opened about 14H ago, and almost all the main IT news channel are full of iPhone, We really need to celebrate it, 8th June, the iPhone Day.

OK, Let me tell you what’s my interest in iPhone Day.

  • The Rumor was real!
  • The new iPhone release date, June 19, was a little bit earlier than I expected.iPhone3GS, Release Date
  • Will Apple unlock the CPU limitation of current iPhone 3G? Still unknown.
  • In App Purchase is really, really what I need. But I could not catch the iPhone 3GS release time.Picture 5
  • I must work much more hard to get my app released.

Damn it, I like iPhone!

iPhone 3rd Generation New Features Exposed

Hey, UMPCFever, You are not only the first one exposed iPhone 3Gen in HK, but also, you are the first one in the world who brought these new features pictures to us.

[Sorry, I used your pictures directly!]

Auto focus + Video Recording

Auto Focus

Taken by Auto Focus

Taken by iPhone 2Gen

Digital Compass

CPU Activity (For test only, the retail machine will hide this function, I guess)

Cool! I can not wait to see it!