How to set markdown as your default editor language for your WP based blog

Markdown is such a great Markup language

Without saying any words, if you’re familiar with Markdown language, and when you get used to it, you will not be able to leave it.

How to use markdown with WordPress

I’m using a plugin called “Markdown on save” which was written by Mark Jaquith. The biggest right thing this plugin had done is saving the raw markdown text in post_content_formatted column, and the converted HTML content will be stored in post_content. This idea brings 2 big advantages.

  1. No need to do the Markdown -> HTML conversion on the fly.
  2. Even the plugin is deactivated, you won’t loose your post, because the post will be rendered with post_content.

Simple and straightforward

All you need to do, is

  1. search the plugin(markdown as save), and install it, activate it.
  2. check the Markdown check on the up-right corner.
  3. Write your post and preview it if it is necessary.
  4. Post it

BOOM! You are done!

Some simple test

H1 headline

H2 headline

Following by a

H3 headline

without an empty line following an H4 headline

H4 headline

follow by an H5

H5 headline

follow by an H6

H6 headline.

Bold, italic, link to google,


  • quote with list1
  • quote with list2
  • quote with list3
  1. quote with list
  2. quote with list
  3. quote with list



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